Men’s Health Clinic

M Shot


Testosterone injection approved by Thai FDA

M Hair Growth :

Autologous Stem Cell

Latest innovation for thin hair and hair fall treatment without surgery

M Vasectomy

Erection and libido remained after the operation

M Focused

Shockwave Therapy

Keep your penis stronger and healthier as well as recover better erection condition

M Circumcision

Staple Circumcision equipment used for 10-15 minutes surgery

M Hair Removal

Ai Laser high quality light wave to specifically focus on hair root eradication


Under professional supervision and high medical standard for best results

M Clinic : Providing medical healthcare specifically for men from hair, hair removal, sexual health, to hormones, all programs provided at are supervised by professional physicians with high medical standard to ensure that patients feel more confident, comfortable and satisfied with our private medical services at M Clinic

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