Stop the following behaviors before it becomes too late. Ordinary people have a desire to have thick, black, and healthy hair. Unhealthy hair seems to be a little matter, but it psychologically affects a lot to the number of people. The followings are checklist whether you are at risk of thin hair.

1. Malnutrition

Daily insufficient diet is a factor for hair fall, causing thin hair. It is especially for those who are either diet controller such as carb, and protein or not having fruit and vegetable. Fewer diet intake, too fast or improper weight loss are considered significantly causes of hair fall and thin hair which can be supplemented by the number of minerals and vitamins such as B3, B5, B6, B7 (Biotin), iron, and zinc.

2. wet hair sleep habit

When sleeping with wet hair, hair moisture causes scalp inflammation and itch. Frequent scalp scratch may cause an infection, a wound, and a fungus over the area. These results in unhealthy hair and sensitive hair fall.

3. Chronic stress

Despite an indirect impact on hair growth, sometimes it may lose your confidence. Working class people take chronic stress and hair issues for granted quite often until unexpected signs and symptoms appear such as complete baldness and spot baldness. In some cases, severe stress causes a behavioral disorder such as hair pulling to release stress. Long term chronic stress may affect long term hair fall and it is probably difficult to cure. Patients are advised that they consult both hair and scalp medical specialists and psychiatrists for proper treatment.

4. smoke addict

Smoking habit is hair harmful. Not only is the smoking dangerous to lung, but nicotine in cigarettes causes vascular contraction and affects blood circulation to hair cells. Oxygen supply over the scalp is insufficient, making unhealthy scalp and hair. Smoking damages hair, hair root, hair growth hormone directly, and increases DHT hormone that is an active cause of male hair fall and baldness. Smokers tend to encounter hair fall much faster that non-smokers, resulting in baldness problem and thin hair.