Does post-COVID 19 make your penis not fully erected? The research revealed that 15-20% of men who are contracted from COVID-19 encounter erectile dysfunction by the number of factors as follows :

1. COVID-19 spread in the body results in unhealthy vessels and injure androgen generator, causing erection decline.

2. Stress and anxiety are also critical factors that cause erectile dysfunction.

3. When erectile dysfunction appears, most patients neglect to pay attention to.

4. For patients with cardiovascular disorder, COVID-19 makes vascular inflammation, causing erectile dysfunction. There is currently no specific incomplete erection medication for COVID-19 patients. Initial recovery is as follows:

  • relax and release stress and anxiety
  • regular exercise
  • take more enriching solid food and supplementary diet
  • take ample sleep

However, there is an updated technology to help penis vessel dilation which is called “M Focused Shockwave”. This equipment is designed for men sexual performance. Low intensity extracorporeal shockwave therapy and focused mode externally work together to form neovascularization to take care of men genital distal area for better performance.


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