M Circumcision or Blood-free circumcise. 

Blood free circumcision (Staple Circumcision) is the method of cutting off the foreskin by using safety automatic tools. Less time for operation. It is normal practice that everyone can do, from the baby to adults. As well as by religious rite or sanitation to prevent the future unhealth care such as reduce urinary tract infection, Infection on the tip of the penis or Balanitis as the cause of the cancer in the elder people. 

The advantage of Circumcision. 

1.Easy for cleaning. 

2.To reduce the risk of urinary tract infection.

3.To reduce the risk of sexually transmitted diseases. 

4.To reduce the risk of penis cancer. 

Who should do the circumcision. 

1. Male who has Phimosis. 

2. Male who has the problem with a condition of the male foreskin where the skin is tight that cause pain and swelling.

3. Children that has problem with the foreskin on the penis doesn’t open when turn to teenage time. 

4. male who has problem with unretractable foreskin that can not get it back. 

5.male who has too big foreskin that can cause wound with zipper

6.religious rite. 

What is the difference between normal and staple circumcision. 

Blood free circumcision using the safety tools called Staple Circumcision, the surgery takes only 10-15 minutes, less bleeding, sharp cut, less hurtfulness and fast recovery. Cutting off the foreskin by using Titanium blade tools which sharper than the normal blade. No scar from stitching. With the silicone supporter beneath the blade for better stop bleeding. 

 Old-style Circumcision takes 30-40 minutes, using blade to open up the skin then cut off by electrocautery then stitch back together. This method may cause lots of blood and the wound may get scar depending on skill of the doctor.