M Hair Removal

Ai Laser: hair removal innovation by high quality light wave focuses on hair root eradication, shrink hairs, and remove dead hairs. Ai laser works together with cooling generator to relieve skin burn and bruise.

  • The result of fewer hair shows from the first time.
  • Smart laser detecting only black hair without harming skin area
  • Making skin and pores firm and tightened and no keratosis pilaris appears
  • Decrease a chance keratosis pilaris

Eradicating 5 hair problems

  • Hairy
  • Keratosis pilaris
  • Skin papilla
  • Unsmooth skin
  • Blemish

Pros of hair removal

1. No frequent shave needed
2. Decrease sweat and unwanted smell
3. No pore inflammation and pimples
4. Firm pores
5. Decrease a chance keratosis pilaris
6. Decrease deep papilla

What is the difference ?

M Ai Laser VS Other Laser