M Vasectomy

Male Vasectomy or Sterilization is the permanent birth control by a surgical procedure to cut or seal the tubes that carry a man’s sperm to prevent entering the vagina. By the end of the procedure, it doesn’t affect your sex drive or ability to enjoy sex. You’ll still have erections and ejaculate, but your semen won’t contain sperm.

Good side of male vasectomy.

1. A vasectomy is more than 99% effective in male than female procedure. 

2. Male vasectomy is hassle-free in surgical method, anesthetic-free, less time for surgery and more safe and secure than female vasectomy. 

3.less cost for surgical treatment. 

4.The most effective technique compares with others. 

5.One-time for surgery can control giving birth for the rest of the life (not 100% certain) 

6.To increase the pleasure after the vasectomy, the couple can feel more satisfy than before since they do not need to worry about having a baby. 

Recovering after the operation – what to do. 

1.Be careful not to have a bath or shower for the first few days after your operation. 

2.Try not to touch or impact any concussion after surgery for the first few days. 

3.No heavy-lifted or exercise after surgery for the first few days. 

4.Wear tight-fitting underwear or athletic support for the first few days after the surgery.

5.Keep monitoring the abnormal symptom such as swelling or bleeding. If found, please see doctor immediately. 

6.Avoid sexual activity for at least 7 days after having a vasectomy.

7.You’ll need to use another method of contraception for at least 3 months or as medical advice, as it can take this long to clear the remaining sperm in your tubes.

After vasectomy may not effective immediately, there may be some remaining sperm left in the tube or ball sacks. Some men may have several tubes, you’ll need temporary contraception for at least 1-3 months. As if you’ll need to produce a sample of semen, which will be tested for sperm. Once tests have confirmed that your semen is sperm-free, the vasectomy is considered successful Normally will be tested 1-month after surgery.  

Vasectomy does not disturb the sexual activity or sensible. Male vasectomy is simple, clean and safe. Less cost and no dangerous. Study says that no aliment or sickness to prevent vasectomy except Dermatitis around scrotum. No emotionally side effect.