M Shot : Testosterone

Testosterone is a male hormone that causes a stage of growth in older boys, including muscle building, voice change, body hair and development of their sexual organs as well as energetic feeling.

Testosterone in blood is regularly accounts for 300-1000 nanograms/deciliter. However, the hormone decreases when male gets older, and personal lifestyle such as

  • Smoking and alcohol drinking habits
  • Consuming too sweet and greasy diet
  • Having overweight and obesity
  • Having stress and insufficient relaxation

The results of insufficient “Testosterone”

  • Sensuality drop
  • Exhausted and inactive
  • Increased body fat
  • Hair loss
  • Muscle mass decrease
  • Forgetful and memory unhealthy
  • Weak sperm
  • Cancellous bone risk


When lower standard and related symptoms are found from blood test, 3 types of hormone replacement are provided as follows:

  • Testosterone pills: taken with meals for better absorption. Pill taker are advised to take regular workout to prevent themselves from obesity.
  • Cream: safe for patients when applying over the biceps, shoulders, and abdominal area daily. The result will appear after 3 months consecutive use.
  • M Shot injection: an injection form of testosterone needs special prescription of hormone therapy specialists. Prior to the treatment, hormones (PSA and LH) and hematocrit are tested. Testosterone injection shows quicker results when injected once a week and followed up the hormone level periodically.

Why is M Shot better?

  • Biosynthesis hormones
  • Research support
  • Approved by Food and Drug Administration
  • Pre and post blood tests measured for patients’ safety and side-effect prevention
  • Prescribed by male genito-urinary surgeons

Testosterone, in general will slowing generate from the beginning of 30.⬇

It cause male who get older not to feel energizing, tiredness, frustration, temporary memory loss. Losing metabolism and gain belly fat, erectile dysfunction. 

At present, there’s study that start taking hormone in male to enhance the energy, increase muscle mass, reduce the fat belly, enhance metabolism as well as mind effectiveness. Increasing emotional temperance and erectile functional. Besides, it helps to improve blood vessels as well as brain function to be constantly effective against the age. 

Thus, monitor testosterone to balance your hormone properly can improve your health and your sex activity in the better way, better life.

Testosterone Hormone that dominate all male eccentrics

✔️ Sexual “Sensation and stimulation”
✔️ Physical “Muscle mass and strength”
✔️Emotion “Brilliance and wittiness”