M Filler

Filler is the substance in Hyaluronic acid type, to fulfill the wrinkle or shape shifting by certified doctor and chemical approval from US FDA. 

Filler produce from natural substance, Safe and harmless. However, to apply the Filler required specific technic and how to apply it. As well as proper dose and where to apply it specifically, as it requires the certified and expert surgical experienced doctor within medical institute or certified clinic.

Which particular spot to apply the filler for men?

At present, male has more concern about self-care. Applying Filler is one of the popular treatments that help fix the aging-look problem as well as face lifting. 

  • Darken eye, or tired face skin.
  •  Lips – thinner lips, small, or darken. Sunken mouth corner. 
  •  Jawline – improper face shape, exceeding of skin under the shin. Or oyu can up lift the shape to look more masculine. 
  • Forehead – uneven forehead, wrinkle face and/or skin. 
  • Temporal bone – skinny and long face, look older than real age.
  • Cheek Groove – Deep Nasolabial folds, tired-look face and aging.
  • Chin – short / cleft chin, chin dimples, chin reduction or uneven chin. 

At M Clinic, we have the experienced / professional doctor to explain for Filler conduct to consult and assessment. Evaluate and fix right to the problem with best result, purposely for men.