M Focused Shockwave

Improving erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction causes

  1. Insufficient penis blood flow
  2. Lose genital collar and inability to hold penis blood flow
  3. Diabetes, high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, and imbalance hormones
  4. Smoking, alcohol, stress, late night sleep, depression, no exercise or over exercise


  • After the therapy, you will feel like your penis skin is stimulated. There might be either slight hurt or no hurt. More intensity is made for better stimulation and response.
  • Having no erectile problems, shockwave therapy can help strengthen the penis.
  • When having shockwave therapy over 3 areas : base, right side, and left side, collagen under the skin is activated to make the penis collar thicker, resulting in potential erection and longer activity.
  • When having shockwave therapy over proximal and distal areas, growth factor is activated to revive and heal the tissue, resulting in penis enlargement.
  • Vascular endothelial growth factor is activated for neovascularization over the penis area. Plaque stuck in the vessels is eradicated. As a result, more blood flow and oxygen potentially function making the penis look stronger and well-defined.
  • Benign erectile dysfunction can be completely recovered when having the therapy for 1-2 times. Better change and complete erection are observed.
  • More frequent therapy is recommended for moderate and severe cases of erectile dysfunction. More blood flow and erection sensitivity are apparent, resulting in activity enjoyment.


  • Latest machine model, no pain, no danger, no post therapy recovery
  • No erection needed and more blood flow over the penis allowed due to the
    machine function
  • Short time spent and less frequency due to Focused technology
  • Stronger penis and defined capillaries when having frequent therapy
  • Persons without erectile dysfunction are also allowed to boost sexual health.
  • The machine is imported from the UK with specific men genital equipment and research support. It is also different from general muscle shock machines.

ED treatment

  1. Change individual lifestyle and find underlying diseases
  2. Medical technology utilization
    1. M Erection
    2. INDIBA
    3. Plasma shot
    4. Cell therapy
    5. Medicine and supplementary diet
    6. IV drip such as NAD+

Which is the best treatment option?

M Erection together with Stemcell shot

Mechanism of action of M Focused Shockwave therapy

  1. Re-innervation
  2. Endothelium repair
  3. Increased cell survival
  4. New helicine arterioles
  5. Pro-erectile effects of stem cel
  6. Reverse fibro-muscular pathological changes

Cure the impotence

M Focused Shockwave Therapy
✔️ Restore and enhance your sexual activity.
✔️ Non-Medical Treatment. Non-Surgery.
✔️ Stimulate Blood Circulation, and refabricate capillaries in sexual organ.