M Abs : Tesla Sculpt 

M Abs : Tesla Sculpt program apply for fat removing and muscle building to shape the male body size and outlook. With technology Tesla Sculpt 4.0 produce the electromagnetic field called “HI-FEM” frequency. 

By sending this magnetic field through your skin, the “HI-FEM” frequency will activate the muscle in particular area to be strengthen in short period of time. Same effect when you do the exercise to strengthen muscle and create the fat burning progress together with increasing muscle by forming up protein to build the particular muscle that eliminate cellulite under the skin as well as forming up the muscle part.

Which part of the body can apply the M Abs : Tesla Sculpt?

You can apply the M Abs : Tesla Sculpt program with many parts of your body such as;

  • Upper Arm
  • Thigh 
  • Abdominal 
  • Hip parts
  • Underside parts
How long does it take to apply the M Abs : Tesla Sculpt program?

To apply the M Abs : Tesla Sculpt program will take 30 minutes for 1 particular spot. Within 30 mins will give the same result like doing sit-ups 36,000 rounds.